Products and services

Our products and services

Let our expert team install, service and monitor your security system solution today. You can be sure that our solution for you will be unique and custom designed to suit your particular needs. We also do not just sell you the equipment and let you ‘figure it out’. We provide you with the training you need to be able to use the equipment and security system we’ve installed for your business or home.

Our products include some of the best quality and service options.

Highest Quality Materials

Natural wood and composite materials are available for your deck project. Choose from a vast array of possibilities. Cedar, hardwood, composite, Ipe hardwood, Azek, plastic, etc. In fact, there are many long lasting and low maintenance options to look at. We suggest you call us to speak to a professional regarding what materials would suit your project and what they’ve had the best success in the past with.

Deck Accessories and Add-Ons

Would you like an exclusively ordered handrail added to your deck? A rain escape? A raised rail decking area? What about a pergola for shade? Deck railing planters? We can even help you choose the right furniture and lighting for your deck.The right deck components and accessories can make your deck look a lot more ‘fun’ and take it to the next level.

Affordable Pricing

Our prices are very affordable and can work within your budget and goals. We create a vast array of beautiful custom deck design projects for our clients ranging in price from $1500, $2000 all the way to $15000 and up, for exclusive high end work. No project is too great or too small for us! You are definitely in good deck building hands with J Ingrams Contractors.

Service and Repair

J Ingrams Contractors can service and repair your existing deck. Call us today to schedule an in-house service consultation with an experienced professional. We will take care of the problem for you.

Custom Deck Building

Let J Ingrams Contractors put their experience and skill to work for you and build you a deck that is truly personalized to fit your needs, wants and budget. We are committed to building you the deck of your dreams!

3D Visualization Deck Drawings

At J Ingrams Contractors, we have the experience and know-how to design the custom deck of your dreams! With our custom design tools we will design it to scale and show you how it will look in your yard before you buy!


When a deck is designed properly (especially a roof deck), water will be diverted to where it is should go - away from your home or construction into a gutter system. Protect your deck with reputable brand-name waterproofing systems as well as an experienced team to install and tackle this important job!

View Our Gallery for Deck Ideas

We’ve built decks of all types, shapes, sizes and with various materials. Hardwood decks, composite decks, covered decks, plastic decks, pergolas, pool decks, rooftop decks, gazebos, and more! Why not view our gallery to get ideas for our own deck building project?

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